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Universal Golf Scorecard APP

As the name applies this golf app is for keeping track of multiple players at the same time. For up to four players per round you can keep track of their strokes, putts, FIRs, GIRs, sand saves, drops and Happy Meter*.

The app is able to run on all modern smartphones, tablets and computers. All that is needed is a modern browser like the build in browser on iPhones, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and so on.

Latest news:
Version 7.0 has been released with features to register your putting performance.

Full stableford

But not only will this app help you save and email scorecard. It will also help you calculate fixed strokes and most important - your new handicap. Yes it is able to calculate full stableford based on Slope and Course Rating and even divide the shots based on hole hcp-index.

GPS for distance info

Besides being a scorecard app. Our Golf Scorecard also has the ability to use GPS to get important distances while playing your golf. Whichever points you may find important at each hole you may create in our course editor and be assisted with lengths to from everywhere around the course.

Pro training

Image of screenshots from Pro training function We all know that we become better golf players through training. But training isn't fun... - Until now. The built-in Pro training function makes training "a fun game" where previous records are fun to chase. You can now register scores while training your iron shot, driving, putting, and short game. Meaning that you now can register your improvements on the range and putting area. Show your scores to your pro and he/she will instantly know how to help you improve even further.

Live scoring

If you would like to know the status of other players on the course playing the same tournament as you. It's possible to create a live tournament while starting your round. Other players, playing the same course, can then join the tournament and this way you can view each others progress while playing.

Browser APP for your security

This app is not installed through any market places or app stores. It simply runs in your phones browser which is your best assurance that none of your personal informations is stolen. From within a browser an app can't access any of your pictures, contacts nor calendar appointments.
Although it will install into the browser making it capable of running even without any internet connection. Great for vacation golf abroad or simply in remote areas.

* Happy Meter

Do you know the feeling of hitting a very good drive that ends up 5 cm out of fairway in the second cut? Now you don't have anywhere to add this magnificent shot to you statistics. On the other side you probably also know the feeling after hitting the worst skyer drive. It has just enough power to enter fairway. Now you can ruin you statistics by noting a FIR after a miserable drive. This is exactly what I've tried to accommodate with Happy Meter scoring system.

Built-in Trainer via statistics

Knowing where you need to focus training is very essential for advancing in the game of golf. From the Trainer page you'll find very good indications exactly where you need to focus your training. The trainer will look deeply into your statistics and recommend where training should be focused. The trainer will take your current handicap into consideration before marking good/bad areas of your game.

Built-in handicap calculator

Are you also in doubt sometimes where handicap groups starts/ends?
What neutral zone your current handicap has?
If your are calculating correct across groups?

Avoid doubt and use the build in handicap calculator.

6 Languages supported

The app is capable of running in the following languages:
English, German, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish.

Metric vs. yardage

In the settings page you can choose if you want to see meters or yards during play. Course data is automatically converted for you during play.

Start the APP

Enough said - let's start the app.
Take your phones browser to app.ourgolfscorecard.com
Or scan the QR code with your phone.

Important notice about cookies. By starting the app you accept that data will be saved to your phone. Players, courses and rounds data has to be stored somewhere ';)

Course editor

Are you comming from your phone right now looking for the place to create/edit your course? Then this is the place to go.



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